About Us

The Max Weinberg Gallery was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 2019 by Jonatan Weinberg in honor and memory of his father Max, who died in April 2018.
Conceived as a special place where visitors could enjoy a 360° experience into the life and artworks of Max Weinberg, the Gallery opened its doors in May 2019 in Alt-Rödelheim 3 (Frankfurt am Main), exactly in the neighborhood where the young artist started his long and successful career as painter and sculptor in the 60s. Since 2019 and through the difficult years of the Covid crisis in 2020 and 2021, different exhibitions have been on display at the Gallery, offering the many visitors the chance to see, touch, feel the paintings, drawings, writings, pictures etc. which filled the life of Max Weinberg in his beloved Mainhattan, as he used to call his Frankfurt.

Despite the difficult situation, when the Covid rules allowed it, we enjoyed warm and friendly conversation and memories stories about Max with our guests and visitors around a piece of cake, a good coffee, or a glass of Prosecco.
Numerous exhibitions and many parties later, in Mai 2022 the Max Weinberg Gallery closed its premises in Alt-Rödelheim and moved its Headquarter in the heart of Frankfurt am Main, from where the Gallery manages its operational activity in Hessen and Germany. The activity of the Max Weinberg Gallery is mainly focused on keeping the memory of Max Weinberg alive and kicking in Frankfurt am Main and preserve his art legacy as one of the main actors of the Art Scene in the Hessen City during the last 70 years.

In this context, special events and exhibitions will be organized nationally and internationally with the collaboration of international Art Gallery, Collectors and Cultural Association. Only a small part of the Weinberg´s inheritance will be offered directly to collectors and art lovers to fulfill the request of our many friends and followers.
The opening of a new and bigger exhibition hall to accommodate the Max Weinberg Gallery whole collection is in preparation. In the meantime, our Website and Social Media Channels will provide our followers with interesting discovery on the Artist and his Art.