The 70s

The studies at the State College for Visual Arts end and Max Weinberg begins his career as an independent graphic artist and painter in Frankfurt. The artist starts experimenting with new innovative techniques in lithography printing and in mixed technique coloring on paper. New models with a sort of human liquid forms appear in his artworks, where shapes and colors provide harmonies where no rule applies with reference to phantasy and immagination.   A whole new world of tiny creatures, monsters, animals and aliens come to life in Max´s paintings.

The 80s

Pink: Max falls in love with this color that will always be present in his artworks from now on and will become his own signature color. Old sketches get a new life while being painted over in thick layers of mixed colors and aliens find their place in Max`s productions.  One eyed creatures with triangular faces, curly huge hair and a creepy grim replace the old human models of his early years. In these years Max Weinberg starts a new production of paintings and lithographies of the Holocaust. Some of these artworks will be displayed in national and international exhibitions (Experience of Evil is depicted in with a big strong body, a huge cone shaped head with one demon eye and a grim laugh. In deep black it will be from now on a lasting component of Max`s artworks

The 90s

The production of Evil continues with the addition of new colors and new shapes of paintings that will be displayed in a travelling-exhibition both in Germany and in Europe. In the meantime, a new mixed technique of Pastel, Oil, Acrylic, Tempera and Airbrush is used in new abstract works full of dots, brushes, points in pink, red, green, yellow and black . The new “naked portrait” with extreme erotic scenes and “painter with model” become in these years his favorite themes for new artworks. These are extremely productive years and the Artist creates his own „extraterrestrial woman “, a sculpture that will be the only plastic work production of Max Weinberg and will be displayed in various exhibitions.

The 2000s

In these years Max Weinberg starts to experiment with a new technique of colors mixed with Polyurethan Isolation Foam that give his painting a graffiti visual effect. Most of the formal production of paintings gets refreshed in graffiti style colors and shapes. Thick layers of colors, foam and mix paints land on paintings and lithographies. Some of the paintings of the Holocaust gets a new coating too, like a closure on the long internal search of peace with the horror experienced as a child that marked his life.  His graffiti masterworks are created in these years and make him famous as the master of graffiti style paintings

The years proceeding his death on April 18. 2018

Tirelessly at work: until his last days at the hospital, Max keeps on painting, even while in the Intensive Care Unit. Max’ artworks are not only a masterwork of graphic, painting, drawing, plastic, but most important a monument of the Art-scene in Frankfurt am Main from 1959 until 2018. Each of the artwork of Max Weinberg is a part of his long, emotional, free, provocative but also forgiving and communicative life.